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Parangipattai Churnam

It contains Parangipattai enriched with tulsi. These products have various health benefits such as Eczema and other skin disorders.

Thriphala Churnam

These products are formulated using various ingredients that provide various health benefits like Oral Ulcers, Early diabetes etc.

Amukkira Churnam

These products contain Withania somnifera that are suitable for health such as TB, AnemiaGastric ulcer, White discharge etc.

Thalisathi Churnam

These products are suitable for having various health benefits like Cough, Fever, Sounds in the Ear, Headache, Burning Urination.

Thanga Parpam

Special preparation with gold supposed to be the secret of vitality. These products are made by the skilled professional.

Muthuchippi Parpam

These products are demanded by the clients for providing relief from various Health problems like Piles, Diarrhea, Night blindness.

Velli Parpam

A preparation with silver processed with herbal juices. It Cures Respiratory disorders, Blood in sputum, Chronic fever etc.

Sangu Parpam

These products are a rich source of vitamins, mineral and iron that are required to health. Our products are 100% packed safely.

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